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Remi Waters Remi

Hi, I am Remi and Carpe Diem with Remi is the name of the store I created in 2011.  I have been in business for many years and in fact have never worked for a boss, only ever working for myself.

I feel work is about finding my passion and in the last nearly 30 years, work and life have been entwined in a dance. The form of this dance has changed many times! Having two left feet has made for an interesting exercise at times.

I was custodian of Crystal Wave, 1992-2010, a well known Crystal Shop in Adelaide South Australia and read many peoples Tarot Cards in those years. How I embarked on this path is a story worth sharing one day.

My spiritual path began in 1973 in the country town of Port Pirie, South Australia.  A tiny advertisement in the local paper caught my eye. 'Are you an Intuitive, a Feeler, a Prophetic or a Visionary? Come along to a meeting and find out.'
I didn't find out at that meeting as it was a free talk prior to one doing an 8 week course, which I duly did and found out I was a Prophetic Intuitive. Spiritual Growth begins!

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