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An Introduction to Bowen Therapy

Put Wellness in Your Hands

Introduction to BowenWork®

Class, Open to all

Bowenwork is a gentle, effective, non-invasive touch therapy that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. It can be done through clothing. In this four-hour, introductory class, you will learn to apply key elements of Bowenwork to different parts of the body to -

• Ease breathing difficulties

• Relieve muscle tension, joint pain or stiffness

• Ease heartburn, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal complaints 

• Relieve neck, back and knee pain

• Address injuries

Bowenwork is safe and appropriate for all — from infants to the elderly, from elite athletes to people with chronic conditions. If you would like to learn a safe way to promote wellness in yourself and others, then this introductory Bowenwork class may be right for you.
Bowenwork - the complement to complementary therapies - places wellness in your hands!

$105.00 (includes a manual with photos and anatomical llustrations designed with care for the needs of beginners).
Contact Sean Dinham (Registered Bowenwork Instructor) on ph. 0422 117 511 for your Registration in the next Bowenwork workshop.
REGISTER NOW for JULY 30th, 1pm to 5pm @ Carpe Diem Port Adelaide