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Sacred Geometry Healing Cards Intro

An Introduction to the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards by Emily Kisvarda

Date: 7th October - 9:30 - 5.00pm

Venue: Carpe Diem with Remi, 158 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

This one day workshop is for those who are awakening and for those who are already walking their spiritual path. Are you finding that you are seeing patterns in your awakened state as well as in your sleep? Do you find yourself questioning what it is you are seeing? Then you are ready to incorporate sacred geometry into your every day life and integrate it into your own self healing as well as working with these geometries within your holistic practice.

This workshop is a guide for the 45 card Sacred Geometry Healing Deck.

Overview: An introduction to Sacred Geometry
Overview of the creation story including the seed of life, egg of life, flower of life, fruit of life, Metatron’s cube
Introduction to the platonic solids and the Merkabah
Introduction to the Fibonacci sequence, phi and the torus
Overview of energy, frequency and vibration
A brief introduction to the Solfeggio Frequencies
How to work with the sacred geometry healing cards
Learn how to do different layouts with the cards
Create your own essence and grid
There will be hands on exercises as well as card readings during the workshop

Duration: This will be a 1 day workshop (9.30am – 5:00pm) packed with information, hands-on practice and lots of discussion.

Investment: The investment for this workshop will be $267 pp. The price includes a manual and an essence bottle as well as morning and afternoon tea. The card deck is a requirement for the workshop. If you do not own a copy, they will be available for purchase on the day.

Ticket information:  www.phoenixgateway.com.au