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Seichim Level 1 and 2 Workshops

Seichim SKHM Level 1 and 2 Workshops

Seichim is Healing Energy of the Universe manifested through the feminine vibration of the Mother Goddess often known by the Buddhists as Quan Yin, also by the Egyptians as Isis who was considered to be the Mother of the Gods and was known as 'The Great One of Healing' - also by many other names from many other cultures.

By giving the Healing Energy a female personality it amplifies the 'female 'energy and allows for deeper feeling of nurturing and strength. This  applies to females and males alike. 

Programs are offered for those who wish to integrate the Healing Energy through tuition and attunement, to assist Self and Others in Healing and also  the opportunity to pass on their learning and growth with this easy & simple form of Healing as a Facilitator.

Level 1

Cost: $100 


  • Sat 19 Aug
  • Sat 18 Nov

Level 2 Teachers

Cost: $150


  • Sat  23 Sept

Both programs offer a Work book and Certificate upon completion

Bookings and Payments to Jeanette 0411 034 177
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